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About Rosalie

                                     is a contemporary Canadian artist recognized for her expressive marks, harmonious colors, and sense of light. Inspired by immersing herself in the beauty of nature, camera in hand, her paintings evolve through an experimental process of transparent layers and harmonious colour combinations. 

She intentionally invites a different emotional response viewing her work up close than from afar. Rosalie is passionately drawn to create art that reflects her awe of the beauty of nature.  Born and working in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Rosalie has achieved Associate Signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (AFCA). Her work is finding its way into personal and corporate collections across Canada and the U.S.

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As a visual artist my quest is to explore the mystery of connecting what I observe, feel, and reflect upon into my personal artistic expression.

I am intrigued about tensions that co-exist in life, nature, and the creative process. This tension works its way into the art making process as I begin each painting with a systematic process that gives way to spontaneous mark-making resulting in unrepeatable expressions that reference the beauty of nature - every stroke and response to that stroke flows from a deeper place. I love that place!

I have come to accept that I need this tension as it leads me to more satisfying work. The final painting often informs the next with a tendency to increasing abstraction. I feel this creates a poetic balance between abstraction and expressionism. 

A love for experimenting, I observe nature and ask myself how I can capture certain colours, or light that in the moment created a sense of awe and wonder.  Whether inspired by delicate textures within flowers, cerulean prairie skies, glorious autumn leaves, or reflected light on water, a mysterious alchemy takes place where an artistic expression has formed in my mind, and I have the good work of getting it out.

This process of discovery and observation of the work in progress provides yet another level of joy in my art making. I invite my viewer to art that awakens their imagination and a feeling of wonder for the beauty of nature. 
Art can do that.

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