Rosalie’s “Woodland Organics’ Collection expresses a heightened sensitivity to visual texture and color transitions.  Larger oil paintings give way to bold color statements. She invites her viewer to art that awakens their imagination and an experience rich with the wonder of the woodland.

Rosalie “Momentary Light” Collection is a celebration of ethereal light within water, forest, and field landscape. Working in oils, this work represents a path toward simplicity and intentional expressive strokes that like momentary light, captivates the viewer. Inspired by travel, observation of day-to-day natural beauty and supported by her love of photography to document the experience, “Momentary Light” Collection is uplifting and hopeful as we navigate uncharted territory of life in 2020.


Artist Statement

Every day holds an abundance of natural beauty to engage the creative soul. If I miss this or do not linger long enough to take in what this offers, I deeply miss out. As a visual artist my quest is to explore the mystery of connecting what I observe, feel, and reflect upon into my personal artistic expression. I have come to realize and be very intrigued about, the constant struggle that co-exists in the creative process. A tension between what I have discovered about the value of engaging in very systematic art making and abandonment where every stroke and response to that stroke flows from a deeper place. I love that place. I have come to accept that I need this tension as it leads me to more satisfying art. My style is to paint intuitively with a natural affinity for abstraction. I feel it is a poetic balance between abstraction and expressionism. Whether inspired by clouds, fields, glorious autumn leaves, a walk deep into the woods or reflected light on water, some kind of mysterious alchemy takes place where an artistic expression has formed in my mind and I have the good work of getting it out.  I value the never ending challenge of improving my technical skill in step with a life-giving personal expression that refreshes my soul. What a rewarding life work to create visual beauty that ignites another heart toward hope, joy, and delight. Art can do that. I am committed to keep on wrestling with the tension. I hope you will keep following to see the gentle unfolding of my artistic story.


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